CastleRock FireSmart
The community of CastleRock Estates is located in a forested and wildland area, a highly desirable place to live. What makes the development so attractive also makes it hazardous. Unfortunately, our community fire risk rates Extreme with unacceptable wildfire threats in close proximity to our homes and property. The CastleRock FireSmart Committee, with the help of the community, have done some amazing work treating many of the areas around our community which has significantly helped to mitigate the risk. 
What is FireSmart Program?
CastleRock Estates is proudly recognized as a FireSmart community. A FireSmart community is one that has taken critical steps to reduce their vulnerability to wildland fire and works to educate the community on what they can do. As participants in the program, you and your neighbours will learn how to decrease the risk of losing your homes and how to best protect yourselves in the event of a wildfire. Communities whose residents take steps to reduce their vulnerability have a greater chance of surviving a wildfire.
What you as a homeowner can do to reduce your and your neighbours’ risk?
Often times when we think of wildfire hazards, we think of the actual fire or the big event, however the majority of home ignitions are caused by embers from wildfire which have been shown to travel 14 km or more igniting another fire.  
FireSmart BC’s “Tips to FireSmart Your Home” shows these steps and more. 
Take simple steps to break the chain of fuel (vegetation) within 10 metres of your house:
  • Remove deadfall, debris, leaves, twigs, and other surface fuels from under stairs, decks, gutters, and ditches.
  • Clean the corners and crevices of your house and yard, where needles and debris build up.
  • Remove firewood, lumber and other combustible debris stacked against the house. This should be stored 10-30 metres from structures.
  • Screen your eave vents with 3-mm wire mesh to protect from embers and direct heat from entering the attic space.
  • Properly dispose of your debris rather than dumping it behind your property where it can contribute to fuel loading.
Contact your FireSmart committee for information on getting a professional Home Assessment completed on your property and available homeowner grants for remediating the risks around your home.
Wildfires strike fast! When it spreads in urban areas (the wildland / urban interface), not every home can be attended or defended by firefighters. Even a few preventive actions can prove critical, because when adequately prepared, homes have often survived a wildfire without the intervention of the fire department. With proper FireSmart practices you can improve your odds of your house surviving a fire event by up to 90%.
What is the fire danger rating in our community?
The FireSmart committee makes an effort to update the fire danger sign at the entrance of our community daily to ensure you have the most up to date information. 
Fire Danger Sign
The Castlerock Estates FireSmart committee members are available to assist you with any questions about the FireSmart program and encourage you to reach out:
Julie Molnar- Chair, Castlerock Estates’ FireSmart Committee
Ray Schoepfer - Castlerock Estates’ FireSmart Committee
Susan Pain – Castlerock Estates’ FireSmart Committee
Want to read more about our community and what you can do to protect it? The following links will help you become more FireSmart:
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Information to ensure you are prepared:
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