CastleRock Estates Community Association (CRCEA) Board, Committees and Chair Responsibilities
President: Ben Mitchell-Banks Responsible for overseeing the running of the CRCEA and ensuring the association is meeting its obligations under the BC Societies Act and the Regulatory Building Schemes on title (Phases 1, 2). Supporting the other members of the Board and the Committees in achieving objectives designed to meet the needs of community members, i.e. residents.
Vice President: John Robinson Supporting the President and when required, acting on behalf of the President.
Secretary: Roger Smith Ensuring meetings are effectively organized and minutes kept. Maintaining effective records. Upholding the legal requirements of governing documents associated to the BC Societies Act, as well as correspondence.
Treasurer: Karen Smith Responsible for the finances of the CRECA including maintaining financial records, banking, book keeping, record keeping and filing required financial documentation, as required. Maintains a current list of property owners and contact information within CastleRock Estates for the purpose of collecting association fees.
Community Relations Vacant Acts as a liaison with community members to resolve issues and concerns such as short term rentals, non-compliance with the Statutory Building Scheme and interpretations of the CRECA Bylaws.
New Builds: Myron Becker Responsible for ensuring building plans submitted for Phases 1 & 2 comply with the Statutory Building Schemes registered on title and are eligible to receive a District of Invermere Building Permit. Compliance with the statutory building scheme for Phase 3 is managed by CastleRock Estates Development Corporation, which may require liaison duties.
Events and Communication: Jane Smith Organizes various community events such as Christmas sleigh rides, barbecues, skating parties and other special events. Works with the CRECA FireSmart Committee, when necessary, for event planning.
Landscaping and Beautification: Steven Lubiarz Responsible for overseeing the planting and maintenance of landscaping vegetation within the community. Acts as a liaison with the District of Invermere regarding shrubbery and tree planting, watering and replacement. Works with the CRECA FireSmart Committee when necessary.

FireSmart: Julie Molnar Implement solutions for wildfire safety by engaging and supporting homeowners/residents of CastleRock Estates, along with community leaders and others, in shared efforts to protect people and property from wildland and urban interface fires surrounding and within the community of CastleRock Estates.